We want to find great entrepreneurs, but what do they look like? We believe great founders find a deep sense of purpose in their work. Value-mapping is a process by which we can listen for what's deeply meaningful to them.

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Listening for feelings

The process of value-mapping delves into our entrepreneurs' deepest held values and highlights what they find truly meaningful. We do this in a rigorous way through a dialog process that places more emphasis on feelings than thoughts. If entrepreneurs are open to it, both discussants will wire up using Skin-conductance probes. Skin-conductance response is a marker of emotion and we correlate this data with the actual conversation so that our entrepreneurs can see that their feelings during the conversation originated in their body and are not imaginary.

Watch the video to see our founders Ryan Alshak, CEO of Ping, and Georgie Benardete, CEO of Align17, discuss their respective experiences with the process.