Innovating Financial Services

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Systematic misunderstanding and mispricing of risk

We look for companies that are:

  • creating financial services products that better match the needs and creditworthiness of customers (e.g. SoFi, Landed, Ellevest, Mile Auto)
  • increasing financial inclusion (middle class, bottom of the pyramid) by identifying the value that previously marginalized communities have to offer (e.g. Zebit, Juntos, College Backer)
  • integrating financial services deeply into other domains (e.g. Ping, Pando, Free Will)
  • using crypto to deliver intrinsic financial value (e.g. Figure)
  • redefining the future of work and compensation (e.g. Pando)
  • using behavioral insights to transform financial systems (e.g. EarnUp, Snapcheck)

What makes this possible now?

  • Access to a much broader set of customer data 
  • Mainstream acceptance of the value of models and analytics (machine learning, AI, data science, decision analysis)