What is the Ulu difference

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Truth and values matter. We are transparent about how we evaluate startups before they even meet with us by making available a rubric for evaluating startups for seed funding to entrepreneurs. We do a rigorous decision analysis before making our investments and we share the information back with the entrepreneurs, so it's a learning process for both sides. Decision analysis minimizes bias, so as a result, we have one of the most diverse portfolios in the country. One of the very few minority-led VC funds,  we "walk the talk" of investing in diverse founders. We believe teams are stronger when they represent a wide variety of backgrounds.

Miriam and Somik reflect on the Ulu difference

When evaluating an investment opportunity we look for:

  • An attractive market opportunity
  • A market opportunity in the hundreds of millions of $’s
  • A company that is capable of becoming the market leader
  • A viable exit strategy if the company comes in second or third
  • Manageable market risks

A mix of head and heart

Our market-mapping process is a big investment of our collective time that we make after a company is deemed to have passed the qualitative evaluation stage specific in our rubric. We also strive to learn about our entrepreneurs on a human level, to celebrate who they are and support them in being authentic to themselves.