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Kevin Hoffberg is a Venture Partner at Ulu Ventures. He has spent his career addressing some of the most difficult strategic problems facing large organizations. His decades of experience in aiding companies with marketing, sales and better decision making will prove invaluable to Ulu’s entrepreneurs in helping them develop relationships with leading corporations in financial services.

Kevin has outstanding enterprise sales experience and has consulted with and trained companies in sales, marketing and better decision-making across a broad spectrum of financial and professional services firms like Arthur Andersen, Advisor Software, Bank of America, Barra, CapitalOne, CIBC (Canada), Colgate Palmolive, Colonial First State (Aus), Commonwealth Bank (Aus), EDS, Ernst & Young, Fidelity Investments (FESCO), Fleet Bank, KPMG, Lloyds / TSB (UK), Microsoft, Russell Investments, Union Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, and Young & Rubicam. 

A former entrepreneur, Kevin was a co-founder of five start-ups. He was previously the Chief Knowledge Officer at Onyx Software. Before joining Ulu, he was the Managing Director of Marketing for the Private Client Services business at Russell Investments.

Kevin splits his time between Ulu and farming on an island in the Salish Sea, commuting to town and airport when he needs to by boat. In both cases, keeping your tools sharp, wearing good boots, and stopping from time to time to just look around seem like good advice.

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