Dana Mauriello

EIR Alum


Dana Mauriello photoDana Mauriello is the first Entrepreneur in Residence at Ulu Ventures. She was a co-founder of the crowdfunding platform Profounder and played an active role in the passage of the JOBs which simplified financial regulation for fundraising. Dana then continued to serve entrepreneurs as the head of Business Development and leader of multiple new business lines at Etsy. She holds a BS in Engineering and MBA from Stanford.

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Miriam Rivera

Managing Director

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Clint Korver

Managing Director

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Steve Reale

Chief Financial Officer and Venture Partner

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Kevin Hoffberg

Venture Partner

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Gabriel Sandoval

General Counsel and Venture Partner

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Trina Weller

VP Analytics and Operations

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Rusty Dornin

Head of Marketing 

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Loren Michael Ford