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Clint Korver is co-founder and managing director of Ulu Ventures, a Silicon Valley seed stage venture firm investing in enterprise IT, FinTech, and startups led by diverse founders. An expert in decision-making under uncertainty, he designed Ulu’s investment process to combine data and intuition to minimize cognitive biases, reduce risk, and produce better, more consistent returns.

An active supporter of entrepreneurship within the Stanford community, Clint taught entrepreneurship in the School of Engineering; mentors at StartX, Stanford’s accelerator; and co-founded Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs, one of Stanford’s largest alumni groups.

Over the last 11 years, Clint and his partner Miriam Rivera have invested in over 129 startups including SoFi, Palantir, Krux (acquired by Salesforce), Blue River Technology (acquired by John Deere), Homelight, BetterUp, and Figure.

Prior to Ulu, Clint was a serial entrepreneur, co-founding four Silicon Valley startups which provided tools to help individuals or organizations make better decisions.

Prior to Ulu, Clint co-founded four Silicon Valley startups which provided tools to help individuals or organizations make better decisions. He also co-authored a book on ethical decision-making entitled “Ethics for the Real World" (Harvard Business Press 2008). 

Clint is a Kauffman Fellow in venture capital and holds a PhD and an MS in decision analysis from Stanford’s School of Engineering and a BA in mathematics from Grinnell College where he served as Chair of the Board of Trustees.

When Clint's not using his decision analysis talents in venture, he is teaching it to his two kids (they will thank him some day), using it to plan adventures (they thank him now), and using it on the golf course with admittedly little success as he mostly needs practice putting and chipping.



  1. "Picking winners is a Myth, but the Power Law is Not", Venture Capital Journal September 2017
  2. "Ethics for the Real World", co-authored with Prof. Ronald Howard from Stanford University

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Clint Korver

Managing Director

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