Insights illustrate the Ulu difference by highlighting our values. Here we explore a variety of topics including: how we use data to drive decisions and how it can reduce cognitive bias; why diversity is our investment thesis; advice and tips for entrepreneurs and investors; and some published articles about what makes Ulu different in the VC world.

Most of the articles, some published in venture capital and entrepreneurial outlets, include mini podcasts so you can listen firsthand to Miriam Rivera and Clint Korver, the founders of Ulu Ventures.


Diversity is Profitable image

Diversity is Profitable

Diversity drives the economic engine

working-moms image

Working Moms Battle Dual Bias

Entrepreneurial moms must often earn credits

revenue-velocity image

Revenue Velocity

Founders can ramp up the speed of their revenue

vague-asks image

Vague “Asks” Are a Time Suck

Poor Queries Can Hurt the Requester

why-vc-marriage image

Why a VC marriage is not like a unicorn

Such partnerships can work for investors as well as the couple

5-ways-manage-lawyers image

5 Ways to Manage Your Lawyers as Your Startup Grows

Handling legal affairs poorly can damage a startups success

10-steps-to-hiring image

10 Steps to Hiring Your Startup’s World-Beating A-Team

Hiring the right team is the one thing you have to get right. Few founders do.

dont-get-fired image

If you don’t want to get fired from your startup, founders should remember these 3 things

Not being in alignment with your board can cause troubles even founders can’t manage

stanford-pathfinders image

Host Howard Wolf, President of the Stanford Alumni Association interviews Miriam Rivera

on her journey from inner city Chicago to Stanford, Google, Ulu Ventures and beyond

questioning-conventional image

Questioning the Conventional Wisdom of the Reserve Fund

Doubling down on your winners doesn’t always make sense

picking-winners image

Picking Winners is a myth

VCs can’t reliably pick winners but they can construct portfolios that consistently generate great returns.

diversity-to-profitiability image

VC Firm Ulu Ventures Connects Diversity to Profitability

VC firms may vow to support diversity, but the numbers don’t bear that out.

say-bye-bias image

Say Bye to Bias: Why Ulu Ventures Relies on Analytics for Better Portfolio Picks

Hana Yang First Republic Bank interviewed Miriam Rivera and Clint Korver Ulu Ventures

changing-diversity-equation image

Miriam Rivera: Changing the Venture Capital Diversity Equation

Profile of Miriam Rivera and how and why Ulu Ventures has one of the most diverse portfolios in Silicon Valley

defy-expections image

Defy Expectations

A Conversation with Ulu’s Miriam Rivera and Kauffman Fellows CEO Jeff Harbach as part of the podcast “The Arena”