A counter-intuitive perspective on diversity

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Aline Lerner photo

Interviewing.io CEO Aline Lerner describes her
experience with Ulu Ventures at 500 Startups Premoney
Conference 2018

Ulu’s learning on diversity has been somewhat counter-intuitive. There seems to be a stereotypical belief in the industry that if you want more diversity, you have to lower your standards. By using a rigorous Decision Analysis process, Ulu’s learning has been the opposite. By raising the bar for everyone through a transparent and rigorous process, we have created a context for merit to shine, and it turns out merit has many colors.

Our entrepreneurs acknowledge the difference. Aline Lerner, CEO of Interviewing.io during a panel at 500 Startups Pre-Money entitled “Decisions, Returns and Bias” noted that during fundraising, she often felt she was being judged on her “performance” of her pitch, instead of the merit of her idea. With Ulu, she felt relieved her performance was irrelevant, and the Ulu team collaborated with her to understand the dynamics of her business.

Ulu’s diversity statistics stand apart nationally, and was recognized by Crunchbase as being one of  the top five seed investors in the US with over 50% of their investments in a company with a female founder.