Seeding the future by supporting
early stage IT entrepreneurs

Values matter

Our values shape our work, and they shape us.

“We fund the many colors of talent.”

Miriam Rivera

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“Principle-driven decision-making drives our funding choices.”

Clint Korver

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“We are here to unlock the meaningful purpose of our entrepreneurs.”

Somik Raha

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“We champion our entrepreneurs."

Nettie Reyes

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Decision Analysis drives our investment decisions

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Market Mapping Your Opportunity

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Decision Analysis in Venture Capital

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We fund diverse teams

Diversity is not an altruistic goal for Ulu, it's a part of our investment thesis. We fund diverse entrepreneurs with outstanding ideas. It’s good business and helps spread equity in society by providing opportunity to communities that have been systemically left out.

“A counter-intuitive perspective on diversity”

Somik Raha

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“Funding diversity is profitable”

Miriam Rivera

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“Diversity is a part of our investment thesis”

Clint Korver

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Welcoming Diversity

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Funds: Ulu investment %; VC Natl: % of National VC funds invested; Count: % of Ulu entrepreneurs
References: VC Natl Data for Women, Under-Represented Minorities

Our Portfolio


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We look for seed-stage enterprise IT companies

Focused on the market opportunity of companies created by the broad Stanford and Silicon Valley communities.

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Innovating Finance

Transforming markets that misunderstand and misprice risk.

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Smart Data

Turning data into actionable information. 

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Our Evaluation Rubric 

How we support you

We are your seed-to-series A partner.

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Revenue Velocity

We help you close big deals faster to get to your Series A milestone.

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We help you externalize what you value in order to attract, hire and retain great people.

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Helping Raise Series A

We help you identify great Series A partners, make introductions and guide negotiations.

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Whole Product

We help you build a great product through disciplined empathy.


How to be an ally in a diverse community

Listen and go slowly

Miriam Rivera
September 20

5 Ways to Manage Your Lawyers as Your Startup Grows

Handling legal affairs poorly can damage a startups success

Miriam Rivera
September 20

Why a VC marriage is not like a unicorn

Such partnerships can work for investors as well as the couple

Clint Korver
September 20

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